I am Whole30!



It may sound far fetched or even crazy to say, but completing a round of Whole30 for the first time has changed my life.

I know I’m only 1 week out from completing and reintroduction has been a little slow, but I can confidently say my relationship with food has done a complete 180. Now, I say my reintro has been slow but it’s not because I’m scared or have anxiety to start incorporating food in. You know, anxiety on wether or not it’ll send me off the edge, awake the sugar dragon, or send me in a binge-eating episode. Nope, not the case.

I’m waiting for the “Yeah, cheese sounds really good right now! I’ll add that in today,” or “I’d love some almond butter toast … on actual toast.” Those conversations with myself haven’t happened yet. They will sometime, I’m just not rushing it.

However, there have been 2-ish things I’ve reintroduced: beer and sweetener.

Thank goodness beer didn’t have a negative effect and when I did drink, the “I gotta eat something NOW” mentality never came. Thanking my lucky stars on that one. 😉 As far as added sweeteners go, I did make paleo pancakes the other morning that had “monk fruit” listed as an ingredient. I could definitely taste it! Boy, they were sweet, but still tasty; didn’t need syrup or anything like that. I may have felt a little sluggish throughout the afternoon, but can’t pin point it to that as it was such a minuscule amount. Plus, there’s still time to figure things out and I’m not in any hurry.

Paleo Pancakes

So what results did I get from doing the Whole30?

Well, I lost weight (almost 9 lbs), slimmed down, said good-bye to inflammation (just look at the face-to-face comparison!), and finally embraced that Tiger Blood vibe around day 24. Yeah, it took a while.

With that said, I can see many more rounds in my future. Maybe do one every January and one in July-August (after our summer vacation).

34 day difference between the 2 photos.


I’m looking forward to incorporating this change into my daily life. Who would’ve thought I could go 40+ days without dairy! Not me that’s for sure. And as I embrace this new mindset, I’ll share those tips, tricks, and recipes I’ve learned along the way. Stay tuned!


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